Papers published at conference proceedings. 

  1. U.Johannsen, S.Rommel, A.Al-Rawi, D.Konstantinou, T.Bressner, I. Tafur Monroy, B.Smolders, ”ARoF-Fed antenna architectures for 5G networks” IEEE OFC 2019
  2. A. Morales, D.Konstantinou, S. Rommel, U.Johannsen, C.Okonkwo, I. Tafur Monroy,  ”Physical-layer confidentiality by chaotic encoding in radio-over-fiber systems”, IEEE OFC 2019
  3. D.Konstantinou, A.Morales, I.Aghmari, S.Rommel, T.R.Raddo, U.Johannsen, I.Taruf Monroy, “High-speed wireless access in forested rural areas using analog radio-over-fiber technology” in LAOP 2018.
  4. R.Schulpen, D.Konstantinou, S.Rommel, U.Johannsen, I.Tafur Monroy, B.Smolders, “Extended range ultra-wideband millimeter-wave channel sounder with over-the-air calibration” In 13th EuCAP 2019.
  5. A.B.Granja, D.Konstantinou, S.Rommel, B.Cimoli, S.Rodriguez, R.Reese, U.Johannsen, R.Jakoby, T.K.Johansen, I.T.Monroy and A.Penirschke, “High Data Rate W-Band Balanced Schottky Diode Envelope Detector for Broadband Communications” in EMW 2019.
  6. D. Konstantinou, A.Morales, S.Rommel, T.R.Raddo, U.Johannsen and I.T.Monroy “Analog Radio Over Fiber Fronthaul for High Bandwidth 5G Millimeter-Wave Carrier Aggregated OFDM” in ICTON 2019
  7. M. Mosahebfard, J. Vardakas, K. Ramantas, and C. Verikoukis, “SDN/NFV-based network resource management for converged optical-wireless network architectures”, in ICTON 2019.
  8. L. Xue, et al., “50-Gb/s “Dispersion-unmanaged DMT Transmission with Injection Locked 10G-class 1.55-μm DML,” CLEO 2019 accepted as oral presentation.
  9. E.Ruggeri, C.Vagionas, N.Karagiorgos, A.Tsakiridis, Y.Leiba, G.Kalfas, A.Mesodiakaki, K.Siozios, A.Miliou, N.Pleros, “Multi-user IFoF uplink transmission over a 32-element 60GHz phased array antenna enabling both Frequency and Spatial Division Multiplexing”, submitted at ECOC 22-26 September 2019, Dublin, Ireland.
  10. C.Vagionas, E.Ruggeri, G.Kalfas, B.Sirbu, Y.Leiba, K.Kanta, G.Giannoulis, Ch.Caillaud, G.Cerulo, F.Mallecot, Th.R. Raddo, A.Mesodiakaki, M.Gatzianas, D.Apostolopoulos, H.Avramopoulos, I.Tafur-Monroy, T.Tekin, A.Miliou , N.Pleros, “An end-to-end 5G Fiber Wireless A-RoF/IFoF link based a on a 60 GHz beamsteering antenna and an InP EML”, submitted at ECOC 22-26 September 2019, Dublin, Ireland.
  11. A.Tsakyridis, M.Moralis-Pegios, C.Vagionas, E.Ruggeri, G.Kalfas, A.Miliou, N.Pleros, “A 20 Gb/s BURST-MODE WAVELENGTH CONVERTER FOR NRZ DATA TRAFFIC”, submitted at ECOC 22-26 September 2019, Dublin, Ireland.


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