Training Activities


Main Training Events & Conferences Month
1 5G STEP FWD Complementary Course 1: Writing scientific papers and patents M10 DONE FEB.2019
2 5G STEP FWD Complementary Course 2: Presentation techniques M10 DONE FEB.2019
3 5G STEP FWD School 1: HetNets and Small Cell Networks: Theory, Standardization and Challenges M12 DONE SEP.2018
4 5G STEP FWD School 2: An overview of mmWave communications for 5G: Benefits and Challenges M12 DONE MAY.2019
5 5G STEP FWD School 3: PONs: architectures, MAC and Resource Allocation techniques M18 DONE FEB.2020
6 5G STEP FWD School 4: Fiber-wireless (FiWi) access networks: Challenges and opportunities M18 DONE FEB.2020
7 5G STEP FWD Complementary Course 3: Standardization M48 DONE JUN.2021
8 5G STEP FWD Complementary Course 4: EC funding and project management M48 DONE JUN.2021
9 5G STEP FWD School 5: Modeling, analysis and simulation of wireless & optical networks M37 DONE JUN.2020
10 5G STEP FWD School 6: Testbeds and real life experiment for mmWave and Fiber networks M37 DONE JUN.2020
11 5G STEP FWD Complementary Course 5: Entrepreneurship, market exploitation, business plan M40 DONE SEP.2020