18 June 2019: Project Presentation at EUCNC 2019

The EuCNC conference is one of the most prominent communications and networking conferences in Europe, which efficiently brings together cutting-edge research and world renown industries and businesses. Massimiliano, ESR from Iquadrat participated to the workshop “Photonic Technologies for 5G and Beyond ” at EuCNC 2019, in Valencia, Spain. He presented his work on Real-time Dynamic Network Slicing for the 5G Radio Access Network representing a hot topic for the future 5G network system. There, he had the chance to interact with institutions, research canters and companies that are working on innovative solutions for the 5G network.

Kebede, the other ESR, presented III-V Lab’s 25 Gb/s colorless transmitter based on reflective electroabsorption modulator (EAM) monolithically integrated with semiconductor amplifier (SOA) during the special session of EUCNC 2019. The devices are intended for ultra-dense WDMPON applications to support low-cost deployments such as 5G fronthaul network. The transmitter is realized with sem-iinsulating buried heterostructure (SIBH) and butt-joint integration technologies. 25 Gb/s transmission with non-return-to-zero (NRZ) modulation is demonstrated. Dispersion limited 10 km transmission over a standard single mode fiber is achieved with the reflective EAM-SOA.